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Aidan Zahn



Social media influencer Aidan Zahn (age 19) has amassed a following of almost 700,000 across all platforms, including a cumulative like count of more than 8 million.

She’s gained devoted followers through her short-form videos and inspirational posts.  Aidan’s extensive film education began when she started making short films with her father at the age of 4. She went on to graduate from the Cinematic Arts program at the Marin School of the Arts in Marin County, Ca.  Besides starring in Abandoned Creatures, Aidan currently minors in Film and Media Production at Barrett Honors College. 

Zoë Vorhies


Zoë Vorhies (age 19) studied dance and creative writing at the Marin School of the Arts.  Zoë began reading at a very young age, ingesting such works as the Odyssey, and producing poetry (with surprising depth) by the age of 10.  Her sharp wit can’t help but find its way into her writing and all other creative endeavors.


Peter Otis

Gordon McGraw 

Peter Otis embodies the phrase “Renaissance Man.” Ask him about his life and you’ll be treated to tales of parties in San Francisco during its most tumultuous times, several careers that culminated in him becoming a marine biologist at the age of 50, and adventures at sea and elsewhere.  Peter’s sense of humor and his uncanny ability for improv secure Gordon’s place as an audience favorite.


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